(5th) Kathleen Jones

Kathleen Jones has been a member of Authors Electric since it began in 2011 and is passionately committed to e-publishing and the Indie Author Revolution. Kathleen has a background in traditional publishing and also teaches creative writing. 
         She was born and brought up on a hill farm in the north of England, left school at 16, but later read English Literature at university as a mature student with 4 children, before becoming interested in the pioneering work of early women writers - research that became ‘A Glorious Fame, the life of the 17th century Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle, published by Bloomsbury.
          Kathleen spent several years in Africa and the Middle East - where she worked in English broadcasting - before returning to England. Her published work includes radio journalism, articles for magazines and newspapers, short fiction and fifteen books - a mixture of biography, fiction and two poetry collections.  
Her biographies include:- A Passionate Sisterhood (Virago) - an account of the lives of the women who lived with the ‘lake poets’, which was reviewed in the TLS as ‘a fascinating, marvellous, utterly absorbing book . . . the stuff your English teacher never told you.’:   Christina Rossetti: Learning not to be First, (OUP) which was Doris Lessing’s book of the year’, and a biography of Catherine Cookson (Time Warner), which the Literary Review described as ‘a compelling account’ of Cookson’s life and work. The reviewer added that ‘Kathleen Jones is a skilled and subtle biographer’. It was in the top ten best-selling hardbacks in WH Smith for 8 weeks.
Kathleen's biography The Story-teller, is an account of the life of Katherine Mansfield and was published by Penguin in 2010 and Edinburgh University Press as a paperback in December 2011. Frustrated by her publishers' lack of interest in the e-book market, she kept her own e-rights and published it on KDP herself.  This was the beginning of a new career as partner in a small imprint The Book Mill, which publishes 4 other authors as well as Kathleen's own backlist. A biography of the poet Norman Nicholson, commissioned by his trustees, was published by the Book Mill in 2013.  A further, authorised, biography of  the writer Margaret Forster, originally commissioned by the Arts Council, was updated and re-published in 2015. 
 Disillusioned by what has been happening in traditional publishing, Kathleen is now an enthusiastic supporter of the Indie Author Revolution. Two novels, The Sun's Companion and The Centauress, were published by The Book Mill in 2012 and 2014.  The Sun's Companion was runner up in the Kindle Book Review Historical Fiction awards.  The Centauress was chosen to be part of the Outside the Box: Women Writing Women project, featuring authors who write about unusual heroines. 
Kathleen also writes poetry and her latest collection, Not Saying Goodbye at Gate 21, winner of the Straid Collection award, was published by Templar Poetry in November 2011. She hopes to bring out her own e-edition later in the year. 
Kathleen Jones' home is in Cumbria, but as her partner is a sculptor working in Italy she spends a lot of time flying between the two on budget airlines. She has taught creative writing in a number of universities and is currently a Royal Literary Fund Fellow. She was elected a Fellow of the English Association for services to literature in 2013. 
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